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Nonprofit Spotlight: Basin Summer Sounds Festival

A big role of a community foundation is to bring awareness to their community partners, in an effort to help lift up organizations that are having a positive effect on the surrounding area. Columbia Basin Foundation has been honored to work with and get to know many of these organiztions. We are delighted to bring you another round of the Nonprofit Spotlight to shine the light on all of the good that these groups are doing in our communities. This month we sat down with Amber Reynolds, Executive Director for the Basin Summer Sounds Festival.

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2017 Columbia Basin Foundation Grant Recipients

In 2017, we had five different funds that provided much-needed funding for this round of the grant application process, and Columbia Basin Foundation was pleased to announce that we were able to add an additional $12,000 in grants. This additional money came as a result of administrative operating savings which went into the CBF Community Fund. Anytime we have excess money from our operating costs, we happily grant it back to worthwhile projects in the communities we serve. We received 26 applications for grants this year, which made it difficult to select the final list of recipients. We encourage everyone to apply again next year.

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Behind The Scenes: CBF Distribution Committee Meeting

Every year, the CBF Distribution Committee meets to review scholarship applications for the coming academic year. The process begins with narrowing down the selections based on the criteria set forth by the donor of the funds, until a full list of recipients has been established. On April 20th, 2017 the CBF Distribution committee met to do just that. 

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Our Commitment to the Nonprofit Ecosystem in the Columbia Basin

One of the biggest purposes of community foundations is to play a large role in building, strengthening and supporting the local nonprofit ecosystem. By supporting this important ecosystem in Grant, Adams, and Lincoln Counties we can help our community organizations to deliver their mission effectively now and long into the future. This is a responsibility that Columbia Basin Foundation takes seriously, ensuring safe and productive communities in which we can all enjoy living, working, and playing. 

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